Strange Download Assistant progress bar calculations

Pease, someone, explain the mathematics of this progress bar!
So, as you see in image, half of 30 GB already downloaded, but progress bar shows almost full like it’s some 90% downloaded.

Then after a ~minute it shows more strange visual value.
Downloaded more, but progress bar shows less.

And next minute…

Half of progress bar was shown when downloaded a quarter of size.

I might be wrong…
I think that blue bar at left shows the fluctuating download speed in figures and ‘visually’ indicating how long it would take to fully download at that speed. That’s why it seems to jump around a bit. So, ok - it is a progress of sorts…:wink:

But anyway, its not indicating the absolute amount of (or percentage of) progress made to any point in time, if you get what I mean…

It was start acting like progress bar - at first moment when I pressed download, it was blank (no blue) and speed was 4-5 MB/s.

Sure - think it takes a few seconds to settle and cache things, and to work out its ballistics… which changes over time…

Therefore I put three images.
4.01 MB/s - ~90%
2.27 MB/s - ~85%
4.24 MB/s - ~75%
Do you mean that with speed 2.27 MB/s it will download remaining 13 GB using 15% of time already spent? It took more than hour or two to download 17 GB.

P.S. I’m downloading the content of The Grand 3. Yesterday bought Absolute 6. So there are H7 and GA5 contents each some 30 GB. I will take screenshots when downloading them.

ok - I see your point; and that is kind of what I was describing. But yeah, given your figures… Hmm… Maybe, I have got it wrong…

So I’m questioning myself now and am not sure I’ve the right words to be clearer. Probably needs someone with better insight, to shed some light here…

So now I’m downloading Halion 7 content. It’s the half downloaded, but progress bar…
If it’s not progress bar, but something like arithmetic mean of speed, then I wonder how it could help to know when it ends.

Just thought I’d chime in and say I also found this confusing. Not a high priority or even really a problem, though.

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