Strange dynamic placement

Having a new issue where my contrabass dynamic is in an odd place and I can’t seem to change it without messing up the one in the cellos (even though I have entered the info separately). Attached is a screenshot. Would really appreciate if someone could advise why it’s okay in bar 1, but off in bar 13. Thanks so much!

There’s not enough info to diagnose without guessing. Can you select the dynamic and show where it’s attached to? Are the dynamics linked? Grouped?

I haven’t unlinked them. I’m speaking of the “mp” below the lowest line in bar 13 vs bar 3. The “mp” in bar 13 is attached to the A (both staves are bass clef). Thanks for your help! Ideally, bar 13 should look like bar 3. I even tried deleting bar 13 and copying bar 3 there and got the same result.

Unless you post that section of your score, we would all be guessing as to the cause (as @dan_kreider said)


What happens if you turn off the bar numbering or change the bar numbers from being centred in the bar?

the mp in 13 looks like it is not exactly on beat 1 (maybe a 64th to the right)

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would it be possible for you to post your project, or a part of it?
A remedy will be found instantly :slight_smile:

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