Strange e-License error on my PC

Running Cubase Pro 10.0.30 on my PC for a couple of weeks. Today I started a blank project , transferred several audio files, drag and drop, (Maschine Export files) to the project.After they loaded I get the following message:

eLicenser Control - Error

Application ‘Cubase Artist 10’ has caused the following error
DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed. Error The
remote procedure call failed.

WTF I don’t even own Cubase Artist 10. I have run the eLicenser Control App, rebooted, restarted C10, only to find I now get the same message no matter which project I load. Is this the same problem mac users are having?

Not sure what to do…

I suggest that you search the forum using the words “Synsopos.exe” (no quotes) for some suggestions to correct this error.

Regards :sunglasses:

I thought I had it fixed by reinstalling the eLicenser Control software but it crashes when ever I take an action, i.e. processing , saving etc. Still coming up with eLicenser Control - Error. Never had ANY issues in 9.5

Application ‘Cubase Artist 10’ has caused the following error:

DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed.
Error:The RPC server is unavailable.

Can’t add the dmp file - apparently too large

I get the same thing now. It started with the audio driver randomly dropping from Cubase 9.5 and I have to go back to Studio Setup and say “no driver” save then add my Focusrite driver back. Then the audio returns but only for a short time then process happens again. Now I am getting this error message,
eLincenser control error application ‘Cubase Artist 10.5’ has caused the following error. DCOM connection to program “Synsopos.exe” failed. Does anyone else know how to fix this?

I have upgraded to 10.5, however, that seems to make things worse.


I have brought with me an old dell xps running win 7. Need to do some work on my vacation on Nuendo 8. Surprise surprise…e lincencer cannot connect etc.

Hi Denchat7
I’m using Artist 7 with UR12
Recently started with error reports:
Errors are: Application “HALion Sonic SE” content Set GM has caused the following error: DCOM connection to program Synsopos.exe failed.
“HALion Sonic” content…
App "VST Presets…
Soft e-license threw an unknown exception…(when Artist 7 doesn’t even use soft eLicenser)
And more.
Usually freezes up and End Task to close program.
Thought I got it when I hadn’t activated the Cubase AI. Lasted one day.
Please let me know if anything comes up.

After long hours and literally days of trying to solve this issue, no luck.
I bought a new dongle. DIDN’T HELP.
Bought the update to Cubase Artist 10.5. DIDN’T HELP!
So I went back to the old M-Audio Fast Track audio interface that doesn’t require a license.
The Steinberg UR12 was the issue!!! Kept dropping out when program opened causing crashes.
Once again, big company endorsements doesn’t equate to functionality or usibility.
Wasted money on dongle and update. I was really happy with the old Artist 7.

What worked was updated the e-licenser of which is roll back to an older version,
I can now get Cubase to open, work on a project.
Sometimes, errors come up, but the program doesn’t freeze up seems to get past the errors and open.

Hello friends,
maybe someone could help here. I updated Padshop Pro to Padshop 2, activated it on the Soft-elicenser without issues (elicenser version up-to-date). Then I wanted to open Padshop in Cubase and I got this error:

"Application “Padshop 2” has caused the following error. The Soft-eLicenser threw an unknown exception".
Padshop 2 error_edited.jpg
This happens with Padshop 2 only, all the rest being on the Soft-elicenser works.

Any idea what the heck the reason of this error is?

(I´m in contact with Steinberg support but I place it also here to help others if the same issue encountred.)

Thank you.

I have the same issue as you, I opened a ticket last night but have not heard back yet.

Hi and welcome,

This seems to be an eLCC issue. At this moment reproducible with the latest eLCC Database only and only in the case the Padshop 2 license is stored at the Soft-eLicenser.

What eLCC Database do you have (last 3 digits of the eLCC version), please? Is your Padshop 2 license stored on the Soft-eLicenser, please?

I am indeed using the Soft-eLicenser and eLC version is (if this is what you mean)

It happened the same day I bought Padshop and it was working for a couple of hours, after testing I sent my eLicenser info to my online account and probably ran maintenance before or after that, after that I was greeted with the error.

Another strange thing is that if I go to “my requests” in my account I get booted to the cubase main page? so I can’t see my support request anymore…

Did I pick a bad week to buy a steinberg product or what? :slight_smile:


It’s already known issue with the eLCC x.2269 (this is the eLCC Database version number). If you wouldn’t trigger Maintenance, the latest database wouldn’t be downloaded and Padshop would work for you.

Steinberg developers know about the issue and they are working on the fix already.

Thanks, I will try to reinstall without maintenance. I tried about everything except that :slight_smile:

I have managed this time, I updated everything including windows stuff and it now works (Dell XPS, Win7, UR22, Nuendo 10.3.0)


Window 7 is not supported OS for Cubase 10.5.

I had the same problem, found out it was a virus: Win32/Floxif.H.
After cleaning with a antivirus program, all is fine again.

Exactly the same problem here! Cubase run only if I re-start my computer, but if I open “eLicencer control center” another time Cubase fail ! Catch 22… So, I returned to the previous version ( and it works normally, excepted one thing : only the eLicencer stick can be seen in the controller panel, the Hard disk serial disappeared…