Strange effect of natural harmonic in Tablature

I have notated a natural harmonic (which would be on 12th fret on 2nd (B) string of a standard tuned guitar part) The tablature shows “3.2” on the sixth (bottom E) string. When I uncheck the harmonic, the tablature shows “7” on the E (top) string - so it is plainly correctly recognising the note. I can see that (possibly!?) “3.2” is the ratio in the harmonic series for the E string, but it does not help a player to finger the note! Are there any suggestions of how to solve this (BTW, pressing M or N has no effect)

Hi Chris, have you set the appropriate string for the note?

Hi Lillie Harris - thanks for responding - yes, string is set as “2” - odd thing is that there is another 12th fret natural harmonic on the third string two notes later - and that displays properly

Interesting, are you able to share the project here (or a version of it cut-down to just the relevant bars so long as that project still demonstrates the issue) ?

Just Before Midday - sample with odd harmonic tablature.dorico (532.7 KB)
Yes - here is a four bar segment - third bar has the harmonics. Thanks aggain for your help!

At this end, the String property I linked to wasn’t activated. Selecting the B and using the String property (both activating it, and selecting the B string) fixes the string and fret number for the harmonic on tab automatically.

Dear Lillie Harrisx - thanks very much - that sorted it. I am ashamed to say I had not come across that part of the configuration before - just the M and N keys. I will klnow in future!
Thanks again

No shame at all, we all learn something for the first time, sometime. I assumed you’d read the instructions on the linked page, so I was surprised when that didn’t work - good to know it does, though :slight_smile: