Strange effect of "Repeat" command under trill region

I had a long trill line in a trill region (5 bars long). While editing, selected whole note and hit Repeat to fill in the rest bars with notes. When the Repeat (“r” shortcut) was used, the note would be inserted, and the trill line would shorten, but this shortening of trill line/region would only occur twice, when Repeat was used more times than that. This is a bit inexplicable. I did not expect Repeat would have any effect on the trill region (since it was not selected).

If you go back to the first note and press R again, it will also shorten the trill to the next bar as well. And also if you select the second note and press R.

I guess it’s something to do with the trill wanting to extend to the next note - or something like that? It only happens when you repeat a note inside the trill, after that the notes don’t have anything to do with the trill anymore.

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I tried and using insert mode before repeating the note (with R), doesn’t shorten the trill line.

And also (interestingly) if you active the chord mode.

A couple other nitpicks about Repeat command ‘r’.

  • It is hard to find in the manual because ‘repeat’ is about the Repeat popup (shift-R) aspects, not the repeat-paster command (‘r’). What is in the manual, is a bit hard to find as it says: " * To repeat the material directly after itself, press R." ( Copying and pasting notes/items ).
  • It doesnt always work properly on dynamics. Sometimes it pastes at the same position, sometimes it pastes at the next position, sometimes nothing at all(?). Maybe it only works with notes; but then, it should ignore dynamics, not sometimes paste them in different ways.
  • macOs calls this type of functionality ‘Duplicate’ so maybe it is better off being called that. Or maybe it could be called ‘Replicate’ to start with R yet differentiate from shift-R Repeat.