strange electroni sounds from my speakers

When connecting MY synth ROLAND FANTOM G7 with my audio card MOTU ULTRALITE MK3 HYBRID using the instr inputs 3-4, despite the fact that everything runs smoothly when playing, when activating the monitor- in cubase 6 oroginal small orange - button of the cubase (after pressing the red -recording button)I hear a odd sound (I can describe it as the old Dial-up connection sound).

Also, this sound is being recorded and it’s being reproduced during the playback.

Any ideas?

Kind Regards,

What kind of speakers are you using and are the passive or powered ?

How close are they to your video monitors and what kind of monitors, LCD or CRT ?

What motherboard ?

Could be a RF problem or something as simple as re-orienting cables.

could be a bit-depth problem. Make sure everything is running at the same bit (24 bit or 16 bit) including your interface and cubase session, etc.

thanx alot guys…i can only say that im using…krk xvt 4 active (powered) - (magnetically shielded as far as i know) very close (4cm) from my lcd asus 23.6’', with normal cables …not something special or balanced…i believe its rf problem too…what should i do?

as for the second thought about the bit deapth can you describe in steps what i should to cause im a newbie

thanx for helping here guys…