Strange Expression Map issue

I was editing away, and all of a sudden I cannot enter characters into the keyswitch form – except for the letter b. So far I have closed/reopened project, opened a different project, closed/reopened Dorico, and shut down/restarted Windows, all to no effect. Any ideas?

Sorry, @marcabru, do you mean the fields in the Actions table in the Expression Maps dialog? You should be able to use the up/down arrow keys to change the pitch shown in those fields as well as typing them in directly – does that work as expected?

Yes @Daniel, that worked. Also, I found that clearing the field – image
– allows me to input A-G provided I make them capitals. I don’t remember running into all this previously…

I too have fallen into the only Caps allowed trap in expression map key switches. It does not appear to be documented anywhere (or have I just missed it @Lillie_Harris?)

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