Strange flickering in Frequency 2

Today I restarted Cubase Pro13 for further testing and noticed a strange flickering in Frequency 2. Nothing like this occurs in Cubase 12 Pro so it’s more likely the fault of version 13… Link to video below… Any suggestions ?

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Reinstalling the graphics driver seems to have solved the problem but I will keep an eye on it. For now, the topic is closed.

After a short observation I find that the problem is not solved… In other plug-ins like Vocal Chain there is the same problem… Flickering…

These are, most likely, redraw issues from the graphics card.

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I’ve had a similar problem with Cubase since last year. Horizontal scrolling during playback was particularly bad. Moving subwindows (e.g. EQ) simultaneously made the problem cumulatively worse. Graphics were tearing, despite G-Sync enabled even on high-end graphics. I am using ASUS MB and had ArmoryCrate and AISuite3 installed. I discovered that ArmoryCrate can self-install, due to BIOS settings (ASUS MBs).
I noticed that, only as Administrator, there was a recurring ASIO.sys error, along with some problems launching Kaspersky AV (which I don’t have installed). A bit of research showed that failing launch of Kaspersky blocked ASIO.sys.
I tried to uninstall both ArmoryCrate and AISuite3 via Windows, but couldn’t. I needed to download uninstallers, for both, from ASUS. In my case, there wasn’t an uninstaller for AISuite3. Once I’d uninstalled ArmouryCrate and removed the BIOS link that reinstalls it automatically, I searched for AISuite3 components (…\ProgramFiles\ASUS\AISuite3 in some installs …ASUS\AI3), manually deleted the folder and restarted. Now, no ASUS components showed in TaskManager.
Hey presto, no more stuttering - great Christmas present to myself.
For other ASUS users out there, I hope this solves your problem too.
Best of Luck,

Hello, I don’t understand something here… Nothing is flickering in Cubase Pro 12. In any other software nothing flickers. Only in Cubase Pro 13… This is clearly the fault of Cubase and not of the graphics card and its drivers. I don’t know what was changed in C13 but definitely for the worse…

Do you have a second monitor?
And what is the other software?

The monitor I have is brand new… There is no possibility that it is damaged… Nothing flickers on it except Cubase Pro 13… As for other software, I mean other DAW programs, or any other program that I run on my computer… No point in listing each of them… In the daily use of the computer nothing like this occurs… Browsing the internet, watching YT, whatever…

I have the exact same issue, have an RTX 3060, driver are updated.
Problem is caused by Cubase 13 Pro.
I have no problems at all on Cubase 12 Pro

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Sorry that I answered in the first place.
And Nvidia graphics are the best ever… never have problems…

@Tony_ST @djmlj for a possible workaround see: Graphic Glitches - #74 by jsljustin