Strange font display “buglet”

I had Dorico open yesterday, closed the lid of my MacBook Pro.
This morning I opened the computer and tried to add a comment (Alt-C).
I could not read the comment, as all letters seem to be either invisible or black, I don’t know. I saved the comment anyway.
Then I noticed, that the list of layouts also showed no visible content, after which I made a screenshot:

Then I tried to make another screenshot of inputting a comment. What happened: I typed a few letters into the black, then suddenly the following letters would re-appear (so no screenshot). In the mean time the list of layouts was visible again.
I am going to relaunch Dorico and I am sure the problem will be gone. Just thought, it would be good to mention it.

Going by the color of the menubar, it looks like your Mac had changed automatically from dark mode to light, and Dorico didn’t track the change.

Mark, that’s an interesting idea. So far I have never used dark mode.