Strange Graphics Problem - 5.5.2 & ATI & Ultramon

I’ve had some strange problems with, what I believe to be, a graphics issue. I have a Gigabyte ATI HD4550 card. I’m running the Catalyst software (problem?), two monitors, and UltraMon 3.xx
The machine is Windows 7 64bit.

Typically when starting Cubase in 32bit, there is a lag between software opening and being able to click on anything. This doesn’t happen in 64bit. Also… Cubase 32bit might freeze when closing.

This behavior is always accompanied by a glitch in the taskbar which is set to auto-hide.

Anyone else experience anything similar?

Hello Joe,

hmm, strange problem.

  • Did you installed the latest Windows 7 64-bit drivers for your graphics card ?
  • Did you had an other Cubase version (Cubase 4 for example) installed on this machine, and had you also this problems ?



I have had SX and 4 on this machine without any problem. I added Cubase 5 and this graphics card at the same time. Since then the problem has occurred, but only with Cubase 5 32bit. I have installed all the latest updates and drivers.

The delay on startup last about 20-30 seconds. A similar graphics glitch occurs on closing Cubase but it only lasts a few seconds.

While Cubase 64bit has no startup issues, it may occasionally hang on closing.

HHmmmm…it’s been awhile since I was deep into the system build stuff but I notice in your sig that you have a UAD card in your (very impressive) system. Not familiar with your new sound card but I seem to recall folks having some sort of conflict between UAD cards and certain graphic chipsets (Nvidea I think…but I’m not at all sure).

Since you say that the vido card went in at the same time as C5, I wonder if this might be a possible cause?

Karl you are spot on! I also read about the Nvidea/UAD conflict which is the only reason I went with the ATI chip. My previous card was also ATI. Another reason for my upgrade was to access the OpenGL spec that’s a part of the new video engine in Cubase. (somebody correct me if I’m wrong about this) This was supposed to offload some graphic processes onto the GPU.

Personally, I’m thinking it might be the Catalyst Control Center software that is running in the background. I can’t seem to find just the straight driver and have lived with that brilliant POS bloatware since the upgrade. Since my problems haven’t been major, I’ve let it go.

Can anyone comment on the usage of the Catalyst Control Center with Cubase?

I also would like comments from people who are using UltraMon. Anyone?