Strange Happening

The strangest thing happened. I Downloaded the Cubase 6.0.5 update. Once I loaded it into my Mac OSX 10.6.8
I lost Virtual Guitarist— Acoustic and Electric. Now I can’t get them back. All I get under Devices --VST instruments
is the words Virtual Guitarist=== Acoustic Guitar – Electric Guitar. But no Guitar Gets loaded and I can’t get it
to load. Anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do. I really love Virtual Guitarist - now it’s lost I guess.

Thanks for those shrugs Steve. No I don’t see anything moved.

Come to think of it, uninstall the up date, sounds good. But I don’t know how–do you?

Go to Devices-Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths and make sure the path to the .dll’s is correct. If not, add them and re-start Cubase. Also, make sure they’re not blacklisted via that XML in the App Data folder.

Thanks again for the reminders. I do need reminders.

Rah— Rah finally got it all back. Thank you for all your help guy’s. It only took me two days to get success.

Imagine what it’s gonna be like when you get really old John :mrgreen:

I “think” I thought of that back when. Back when I could think. Now I’m happy but I can’t remember why I’m happy.

I got frustrated and re-loaded Cubase 6 disk. By then I didn’t care if it ever worked again. But it did work.
Cubase is fine and Virtual Guitarist is fine. What more can I ask for. Oh yeah----Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition.
Frustration sometimes works. Now if I can get the “Set Content Folder” for it I’ll be ecstatic.