Strange hidden time signature!?

What is this strange hidden time signature doing there? I don’t know how it ended up there in the first place. It brakes the multirests and I don’t understand how to get rid of it!?
Any suggestions?
Screenshot 2019-08-28 kl. 13.32.59.png

Delete it by selecting the barline before and hitting Delete (or Backspace). As to how it got there, the obvious possibilities are:
A. MusicXML import with problems.
B. You had a non-standard (repeat/double/final etc.) barline that you got rid of, but rather than selecting and deleting, you replaced with a “normal” barline from the right panel (or the popover). If you have a nonstandard barline you need to delete, just select and delete it.

Thanks Pianoleo! It solved the problem!