Strange instrument brackets in full score

Hi community,

Where can i change the bracketing of my percussion instruments?

I don’t know why Triangolo is automatically combined with Timpani as this is my setup?

And this is the Partitura result

I also want the Campane inside the same bracket as the rest of the percussion, and of course the Timpani separated from percussione.

And another one:
Although i have set “Hide empty staves” to “After first system” in Layout options of full score,
not all of these percussion instruments are shown on page 1; just the ones that play.
Do i have to update the layout somewhere to make it happen?

It’s grouping that way because these instruments are “intended” to be grouped as Dorico is doing. Putting them into one player doesn’t necessarily force the bracketing. But you can easily change that grouping now in Engrave Mode with the new custom bracketing tool.

And this is also a workaround rather than a true solution, but you can easily add a blank text item by opening the text popover and simply pressing enter. It’ll populate that measure with an item, albeit a blank one. The staff should show then.

Thanks Dan,

i played around with that bracketing tool, it has also some strange behaviours as you have to go through the whole score and change the brackets here and then; as soon as the instrumentation changes the manual bracket disappears. Haven’t found out exactly what goes on there…

The “simply enter text” method does not work here:
firstly i have to enter more then just pressing return, a tap on the spacebar works and the signposts appears.
But this text signpost always and only appears on the topmost percussion line, which is triangolo, can’t copy it to the other staves…

I think it has to do with this special Percussion setup, because Dorico tries to keep it all in one line (m.1 is trgl, m.3 G.c. and its written on one line)

What i want is the whole assortment of used percussion instruments i have set up for the whole score written on the first page of the partitura.

Dan, would you have time to explain further? Thanks.

Well, in fact I tried it and am getting all sorts of different results.

Timpani and Triangle have always grouped for me, and tam-tam has not. I assumed this was because Dorico thought they were in different categories of percussion, hence “intended” in quotes. But when I do a multi-instrument player as Jörg did above, I get odd results that change bracketing as I drag the order of the combined instruments around.

When the second multi-instrument begins with tambourine, Dorico groups it with timpani, as I expected. But when I drag tambourine to second position in the shared player, and bass drum is now first, Dorico groups the combined instruments together, and leaves the timpani by itself. Odd.

And I can’t get the bells to group, at least not in Setup mode. So I withdraw my confident assertion about expected groupings.

You can, however, force the combined instruments to group by selecting the player and clicking “Add Group” in Setup mode.

Still not understanding Jörg’s comment about custom bracketing not doing what he needs.

I thought timps should always be in a (single-instrument) group on their own. Conventionally, orchestral timpanists never play anything else except their own instrument - but that convention might not apply to contemporary music of course.

Jörg, maybe too basic of a question, but are you entering the text placeholders in galley view, where all staves are visible?

Edit: never mind. You can’t do that. You’ve setup an instrument change, so the score will show only one instrument at a time. If you want all instruments to be visible on the first system, you can’t assign them all to the same player. Add them as inidividual players, then I guess you’d need to hide empty staves as needed.

This may be the same reason that custom brackets aren’t working as you intend.

Dan, it’s the same with every player, that hold more than 1 instrument (Flute&Picc etc.).
This “problem” is more obvious in the percussion section as this part normally uses multiple instruments for one player.

But in fact you can’t have all instruments shown on the first page that a player holds in a piece unless you set them as individual players in Setup Mode.
As this is quite standard Fullscore usus it has to be made possible i think…

Right, I understand. And I agree that, at least for a combined percussion, it would be nice to be able to display all instruments on the first system. Just observing that’s why it’s not possible.

Sorry I can’t help with a solution for that bit. Hopefully you’re at least able to sort out the bracketing with an added group in Setup.

The new custom bracketing tool? Where do I find that? I have an issue myself with an instrument group that refuses to become bracketed.

Custom bracketing is in Engrave mode, on the far left.