Strange Intermittent UI Issue

Hi All,

I used to experience a UI issue in C5. It is minor but annoying some times. I hoped it would be fixed in C6 but it is not. So… I thought I would report it to you all and see what happens.

I’ll be working along fine and then click some button, try to open a menu, close a project, etc. That is, interact with the UI in some way. And the UI freezes. If audio was playing it continues to play. Fortunately, the minimize and maximize buttons still work so my work around is to minimize Cubase, then restore it and presto, the UI responds to my mouse clicks again.

What is even more strange about this is the action seems to take place even though the UI is not redrawn to show the correct result. For example, if I open an insert plugin and nothing appears to happen, I minimize and restore the UI and the plugin appears. Another example… I close the main window that effectively closes the project, not Cubase itself, just the project. Nothing seems to happen until I perform the work around. Then, the UI shows that the project was in fact closed.

This happens once every few hours or so. Some times I can work a very long time and not have this issue. Has anyone else seen this behavior? If so, do you know what the root cause is? Do I have something configured incorrectly? Is there a fix?

Thanks for your help

Aloha B,

Could you think this prob be platform specific?

I ask because I have not seen this prob on any of my macs.

It very well could be. In fact, it may not be a Cubase problem at all but someting in my Win 7 setup. I tend not to think so however because no other software I have exhibits this issue, including Wave Lab.

BTW: Love this thing you’ve got… {‘-’}. Never have seen or noticed that one before.

Kinda sounds like what happens when auto save kicks in.