strange latency issues 7.5 pls help

Hi Everyone.
I have been using cubase 7.5 for sometime and had never really had many problems however lately i have been getting latency. The strange thing is when i open a new project and start out everything is fine. Can load effects , play midi etc, but when i close the project and come back to it, i have latency. I can’t play my keyboard or have effects on guitars, its all out of wack.
very frustrating. I am using a presonus audio box 1818vsl and have 12 gig of ram so no probs in the computer end. I havent loaded anything new or got windows updates…hopefully someone can help as its hard to record. i’ve done all the ussual things increased the buffer etc, but no joy.
hope someone can help me out…thanks


I am having a similar problem with CuBase 9. I will record a whole song and everything is fine but if I return to project a week later suddenly there is latency on the guitar tracks that i want to re-record

Have you received any responses

Hi mike,no yet unfortunately would love to get to the bottom of it as its hurting my bussiness, hope someone out there can help me out, ill keep ya posted mate

anybody out there that can help

Raising buffers is not a usual thing to do when struggling with latency issues, since that will raise latency.

ok I had some joy a rep got back to me and this has seemed to fix the problem…he wrote as follows

You might have tried these already but I thought I would mention them
LatencyMon (link below) is a good tool to check out your system
Have you activated the Constrain Delay Compensation button (see pic below)
Also for MIDI there is a “Use System Timestap for ‘Windows MIDI’ inputs” check box in Device Set Up

Constrain Delay Compensation isthe 3rd button along the top that looks like a clock set to 3 o’clock. When i activate this the latency goes away but it does lower the overall volume of the project.

hope this helps others…