Strange latency issues...

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a big problem with Cubase 5. Essentially all sorts of latency issues (crackles, pops, you name it) which has made it absolutely impossible to record anything.

I’ve mucked about with the buffer size, gone through all my Windows setting to try optimise the machine as best I could, but no luck. I was using the Steinberg UR22 mKII official driver, but after reading some advice on this forum somewhere installed ASIO4ALL and BOOM! Everything was working absolutely perfectly! Managed to get 10 hours of work done with no problems whatsoever! The onboard VST Performance reader stayed low, absolutely perfect.

HOWEVER, I then turned off the PC and when I next restarted it back to the same old problem. VST Performance meter shoots right up to 100% (in the red) as soon as I open Cubase. Cannot record anything. Nothing’s changed, it’s still using the ASIO4ALL driver.

It’s so frustrating because I literally fistpumped yesterday when I got it working! All I’ve done is restarted the computer (didn’t do anything in the meantime, just closed Cubase, turned off computer, turned on computer, opened Cubase) and now it’s back to square one!

Any ideas? It seems very odd to me how it can go from working one second to being completely unusable, when as far as I can see nothing’s happened which could cause it.

Any help would be massively appreciated.


What OS are you running?

I used to use a program, startup CPL by mike linn I think it was.

You might have too many programs running in the background.

That’s what that did, don’t think it’s for win10 though.

See about disabling services you don’t need.

Hi mate thanks for replying.

I’m using Windows 10. There’s hardly anything else running to be honest so I don’t think that’s the issue. It’s a computer I only use for running Cubase, so there’s barely anything else installed!

I think it must be some sort of driver issue (God knows what though!) Seems very strange that it was working fine then all of a sudden the CPU went into overdrive! Can’t have anything to do with the tracks themselves either, it’s the same even with a blank project when it should hardly be using any CPU.

I did consider that maybe my PC wasn’t fast enough, but that doesn’t explain why it would work fine for several hours, then suddenly not.

Thanks for the advice though :slight_smile: