Strange License error ???

Looks like C6 is trying to load the N5 Reverence.
Must be mixed up somewhere … maybe VST3 folder ?
( I don’t use / install Reverence )
Maybe the N5 install overwrote the C6 Reverence …

I would do a search for multiple Reverence dlls and /or reinstall the C6 Reverence.

bye, Jan

It is not Reverence itself, it is this specific VST Sound Archive containing the impulse responses only available with a Nuendo license.

The message pops up when Cubase notices this archive at start-up but there is no valid license to use it, that is the reason why you do not get the message as soon as you insert your Nuendo dongle again.

The archive is protected by a respective license requiring N5. And no, for now you can not tell Cubase to ignore it.

The situation of having Cubase and Nuendo installed on the same system is considered as rather unlikely (well, as we see here there are execeptions).