Strange (long) drop-outs w/ Cubase Artist 6

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anybody has the same problem with Cubase Artist 6: While mixing a song, sometimes the audio signal disappears. I am not talking about short drop-outs/"stuttering audio playback, but about “silence” for something like 40 seconds. There is also nothing happening on the meters of the mixer or the master out. So I guess it is not a problem of the audio interface/hardware, but of Cubase - anybody any idea?

My setup: Intel PC, Win7 64 bit, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Firewire-Interface, UAD-2 Duo and UAD-1. I am not using a lot of native plug ins or VST instruments, so there is no big load on the processor. And the UAD-meter is not above 50% on either card.

Thanks and regards!

If you have instrument tracks running, do these drop out? Does MIDI continue?

My reason for asking is that I had what seemed like random audio drop outs, typically 20 seconds or so, or if I stopped and restarted playback, audio was restored. After this had happened a few times, I backed my audio drive and was careful to archive all projects to safe back up after every session.

Good thing I did this, because a few days later my audio drive ‘died’. It simply disappeared from PC view. I tried putting it into various other systems - it never worked again.

I don’t want to worry-monger, but first, back up all projects to another drive!

What I found confusing at first was that Midi and Vsti synths continued to play and the drop outs only seemed to affect audio in certain projects. As an experiment, I copied these projects to another drive, they all played perfectly. I was reluctant to accept that it was my audio drive, but grateful that I had backed up before it let me down

This is only a suggestion of course, but hopefully of some value.


Just to add something to the mix… I started having audio drop out problems when I updated to cubase 5.5.3. I then went back to the original version 5 and still had the same problem. However, I remember reading about the program calling the protection dongle before both MIDI and Audio tasks when I removed the latest e licencer software (this isn’t removed by default during an uninstall) and went back to an earlier version it no longer happens!

Hope this works for you!