Strange Loss Of Track Setting using Instrument Track


I strangely lose my track setting when I use my PSR keyboard vis Instrument track. My PSR keyboard turns off every 10 minutes ( although I can change it). When my keyboard turns off,my output routings and program selectors ( on inspector) will be gone and I have to reset them all again which is not very pleasant.

How can I avoid this please?

Thank you,



Doesn’t your instrument go to some kind of “sleep mode”?

Hi Martin,

Not really. Sometimes I need to switch to another voice and come come back to the same voice to get a voice respond again.

Is that possible to move my message to Issue category?

I see, now I got it.

After the instrument turns off, you have to send these “Inspector messages” again.

Make sure, Program Change and Controller is enabled in the Preferences > MIDI > Chase Events.

In any case, to disable the “sleep mode” of your instrument will help.