Strange Marks

I’ve got some strange marks as shown. They appear to be zero-length events and can be deleted with the rub-out tool. Project was created in 9.0 but persists in 9.5. Any ideas where they came from? I think I was moving events about at the time and it left this trail.

Just a wild guess, but it almost looks like tails from an effect. Did you do a “render with effects” and after that cut down to an exact length (because of overlap)? In that case you split the clip at the right length wit a tail “left over”. If you forget to delete that tail you get all those “remains” sitting there when you drag the cut down portion of the clip around.

To avoid that in the future you can better adjust the length of the clip (bottom right “marker”), than split the clip at the wanted length.

If the above is not the case, I do not have the faintest idea what happened, sorry.