Strange MIDI lag on my laptop

Wondering if anyone can help. I have the strangest MIDI lag on my laptop with Nuendo. When I start Nuendo everything is (almost always) fine. I press a MIDI key on my Komplete keyboard and the response is normal/immediate. But after working for a bit the response gets REALLY laggy. It’s very strange because I can see the midi input monitor (and midi monitor I insert on the track) showing an immediate note on/note off (or whatever midi I’m performing) response. But the instance of Kontakt (or whatever instrument I’m using) sounds later (sometimes up to almost 2 seconds). I’ve tested my MIDI response outside of Nuendo (using MIDIview) and it’s snappy, perfect. So it seems to be isolated to the signal going through/from the track to the instrument instance. (It also gets laggy with recorded MIDI on the track - not being played in live.) Has anyone had this experience? I would LOVE to get this solved and dialed in. Thanks so much!

Maybe you have a strange feedback loop going on? Check your MIDI ins and outs within Nuendo…

I normally never use the “all” MIDI input, because sometimes it gets wonky. I purposefully select the interface to be used for the track.

Neoqplease- Thanks so much!!! I tried your suggestion and so far no problems. We’ll
See if it holds up. Thanks again!!!

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Glad you found the issue. Cheers!