Strange mouse behavior in Engrave mode

Dear Dorico Team.
I’ll start with expressing many thanks for the wonderful service and attitude so far.

In my project whenever I need to use Engrave mode I am experiencing recently very strange behavior, when I try to select and move an item - a beam or dynamic let’s say - with the mouse - I can’t do this but instead it returns back into write mode and starts adding notes in… happens recently… my mouse pointer functions mostly ok.
Thanks in advance for your fast response / guidance.

This usually happens if you double click an item in engrave mode. Are you sure you are not inadvertently doing that?

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You can also disable the behaviour by which Dorico switches to Write mode when you double-click in Setup or Engrave mode.


Thanks very much for your fast reply - I have noticed this to happen when I hold the mouse on the item - like trying to decide how to replace it. I’ll check the 2xClick Issue - thanks very much.

Thank you Lillie very much for your reply - where should I go in pref. to change that? p.s. this didn’t happen b4.
…I have checked the 2xclick and yes when I 2x click in an empty space in engrave it moves to write. why id does this when I drag an item in engrave - I am not sure.

Follow the path described on that page: Preferences, Note Input and Editing page in that dialog, the Editing section further down that page.

Or just search the page for “double” and you will jump straight to it.

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Thanks - found it :slight_smile:

Are clicking it once to select it and click a second time to move it? Maybe in rapid succession?
Or it could be the mouse - I have had a mouse which sometimes does unclick and reclick by itself….

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Thanks very much for your input.
Perhaps its the mouse. But canceling the 2xClick=>write mode did the trick :slight_smile: .
It’s good to know that there are workarounds :slight_smile: .
Wishing the very best.
Cheers - Rami.