Strange multiple tuplet entry

When I enter 3:2e or 3:2-5 in the tuplet popover, I feel sure that it used to give me one tuplet ready to enter notes. Now suddenly I get two all the time. What is going on?

I am unable to see any setting that affects this.

Aha. I just found it enters the double set if I have not yet entered note entry with Shift-N. I was unaware of what I was doing. But my question now becomes, why does it do that anyway?

It’s filling the selection with as many tuplets as it can, I guess.

Can’t be as I have selected the full bar rest - by that logic it should fill the whole bar. And why should it be different behaviour in the two cases?

Also, I can’t see anywhere in the ‘Inputting notes’ manual pages where it says that entering ‘;’ for tuplet popover starts note entry. I did not think simply making a selection starts entry, and in fact I cant get that to work. But maybe I am not reading deep enough into that page.

Whatever is going on, it tripped me up for a whole day. :slight_smile:

Opening the tuplets popover outside of note input, with notes/rests selected, turns the selection into tuplets - “tupletifies” them. Doing so shouldn’t start note input.

Opening the tuplets popover during note input inputs the corresponding tuplet, and then continues that tuplet if you continue inputting notes or advance the caret using space, until you explicitly stop that tuplet, move the caret with the arrow keys, or stop note input.

Specific instructions relating to tuplets are separate from general note input in the manual. That task for inputting notes is already a bit of a monster, it can’t also cover every possible note input variation and remain clear and useful! If you look down the list of topics underneath “Note input” in the Write mode ‘chapter’, you’ll see a bunch of separated topics that are related to note input, but with variation - tuplets, chords, Insert mode, grace notes etc.

@Lillie_Harris then its a defect isn’t it?- the whole bar is selected and only half the bar is filled with tuplets. I still don’t see what is going on. This is not obvious to me at all, and as said, I spent a day thinking my Dorico installation had suddenly collapsed, or that I myself was going nuts [the most likely explanation :-)].

But thanks, at least small illumination here - I now see that half the bar is ‘tupletified’ but note input is not started. That I now understand, but mystery remains.

I think Dorico is taking the number of eighths that fit in a 4/4 bar and making as many complete triplets as it can out of them. A third triplet would require a 9th quaver. If I do the same with a 5/4 bar I get 3 triplets; 6/4 and 7/4 both yield 4 triplets.

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Thanks for the great explanation of an otherwise confusing result!

I’m having the same issue with 2 tuplets being created automatically, overwriting whatever notes are in the next bar. When I try to delete the second one, they both get deleted.


This seems like a bug…? My workaround is currently to make a tuplet in some other new bar (which produces only 1 tuplet instead of 2), and copy it onto that quarter rest.
I thought it might have to do with creating it on the 4th beat of a 4/4 bar, but when I tested it in a ‘fresh’ bar, it created 1 tuplet (as expected), so I have no idea what’s causing this issue.

It’s not a bug; Dorico’s giving you a single crotchet/quarter tuplet that crosses the barline.
You’re starting the tuplet with the default crotchet/quarter note selected (6, or in the left panel), when you need to start by typing 5, or clicking quaver/eighth in the left panel, then inputting the tuplet. Alternatively you can get straight into the tuplet popover with ; and then type 3:2e Enter (which is three in the time of two eighths/quavers).

Ah yes, 5 instead of 6 was my problem. Thanks!