Strange Musical Mode Behavior?


  1. I recorded a baseline then cut and deleted sections where the bass wasn’t playing to reduce noise. After I cut and deleted the silent parts, 21 individual events remained. All events are on Lane 1 and all events use the same name “Bs Raw 2_05”. If I look in the pool, this event shows it’s used 21 times however, there is no “+” to expand to see detail of individual occurrences. Shouldn’t there be 21 detailed lines showing different starting positions, etc.?

  2. The audio events show the tempo as 100, which is the project tempo. If I turn on musical mode, the audio slightly shifts. Since the tempos are the same, why would it do that?

  3. If I disable musical mode, the audio will not shift back to it’s original position. To move the audio back, I have to use undo. Why would it behave that way?

  4. When I have one event opened in the lower audio editor window, and the project window shows only the first of the 21 separate events is highlighted (selected), then I enable musical mode, all 21 events are slightly shifting the data. I didn’t realize events could somehow stay “linked” after they were cut into separate events? Should I have edited these events differently to keep them from being linked?

Thanks, in advance, for any help folks can provide!


  1. No, when you cut one Audio event, the + icon doesn’t appear in the Pool. The + appear when you record takes (lanes).

  2. If you enable Musical Mode, the Time stretch algorithm is applied even if the tempo matches the project tempo. This could make the change.

  3. I don’t know.

  4. When you cut the event, it is still the same source file. If you want to separate it, you have t bounce it.

Thank you Martin,
For number 4, I learned in the lower audio editor window, I had disabled the the icon to “Edit Active Event Only” without realizing it. Thanks again for your help!