Strange Negative measures in Sample Editor [Subject Edited]

As you see in the

attachment, It shows on my sample editor ( the bar offset to +1) measures from -76 all the way to positive 200 ( last measure of my music). What is this please? Can I turn this off? I tried Set TC at Cursor and it does not change it. The sample editor in the lower zone is just fine.

This only happens in one audio track. I check the other audio track within the project, it starts right at the start of the audio take/part. Please note that the project with negative bars has multiple cycle recorded version.

Please advise.



Project Setup (Shift + S), set Display Bar Offset to 0.

Hi Martin,

I have already done this. As in the attachment shows, I had to clarify this happens in Sample editor when it is in the separate window. The sample editor is ok when it is in the lower zone. I fix the title!


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?