Strange new quirk in 10.5.12 on my Mac

I’ve never seen this before…
Whenever I try to set the location using markers on the Project Window or from the marker window - it places BOTH locaters to that location. The right locater is put before the left locater so they are at the same place. Of course when I enter Play, nothing happens until I move the locaters apart. This happens with only one of my projects so far. I don’t think there are any settings that would cause this.

This problem is still happening, here are some screen shots to demonstrate.


When I click on a marker in the marker window, this happens:

Project/Markers, look for the little gear wheel at the bottom, click that to open.
You have Cycle Follows When Locating To Markers checked. Uncheck that please

You are SO right!! I do remember setting that flag but of course I forgot…

Thank you