Strange noise/hum in 6.5

hi there, this is my first post here, I am using cubase 6.5 and until recently(forgot when did it first happen), whenever I plug my guitar and open Guitar rig(or other guitar sim) within cubase it cause this buzz/hum noise, it gets louder when I switch to a higher gain amp model…

first I thought it maybe my soundcard(RME babyface) causing this but when I turn off cubase, open the stand alone Guitar Rig, swtich to the same high gain patch I did, It doesn’t have that hum(a little hiss which is normal), so I think it must be cubase causing the problem…

I tried disabling control room and turn off all input/output that I am not using and it doesn’t help, it’s still here

is there anything I can do to solve this problem???

here’s the link of the hum

thx in advance~~

Try to connect your rig to ground at some point in the powerchain. That is the way I get my hum cancelled.

I couldn’t listen to your clip but I get a “noise” from my guitar that is revealed only when amplified significantly with high gain sound patches in Guitar Rig. It is especially evident when NOT playing. I was able to eliminate it by enabling the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme while recording. I use the power scheme only when recording something that will be significantly amplified and then I turn it off.

I tried turning on the SAPS and it work!!! thx alot!!
didn’t know this option exist at all, what does it do exactly???

I don’t know all the details but, basically, it forces the processor to a more active state. Keeps it from speed-stepping down, changes interrupt priorities, etc. My fan runs full speed during this which is why I only use it when needed. I don’t know why but it prevents the “noise” in the signal that is audible when amplified.
Glad it worked for you.