Strange Noise on all audio output


i have a new problem since 2 days - that the audio has a constant buzz on it.
i recorded a little bit of it see in the attachment.

i thought i might come from a defect usb port - but i tried all out - its the same everywhere.
my system is win10 64bit on a gigabyte h87 hd3 mainboard and UR22.
i updated chipset driver and UR22 driver - it didnt help.

does anyone know where that problem comes from?

I am having the same problem:
Mid-2012 MacBook Pro 10.11
UR12 firmware 1.8.6

When I start up the computer, I hear no problems, but after time, a hissing starts showing up during peak audio moments (eg: bass or drum hit). The problem persists independent of the application playing the audio, so can be Cubase, Reason, or even iTunes. If I route audio through any other sound card, there is no hissing. I decided to live through it the other day while watching a movie, and eventually, it goes away again. I am upgrading to 1.9.6 firmware today, and will see if this helps.

reinstall of the audio card helped solving my problem