Strange Note Expression behaviour

When I record a midi synth part and then use Note Expression to modify notes, for example: apply pitchbend to 1 note, all subsequent notes are affected and out of tune.
Or, if I apply Main Volume to 1 note, again, all subsequent notes are affected.

I’m sure it’s user error, so any help appreciated.

What synth EXACTLY are you trying to do this with?
This feature ONLY works on synths that conform to the new protocol such as HALion sonic or HALion sonic SE.

… or… if the the line is monophonic (i.e. not playing chords or overlapping notes)

… obviously :wink:

Thanks guys,

I’m using HSSE

Have you checked to see the patch you are using is compatible with vst3.5? not all of them are.

Thanks Mat,

How do I check? All I can see in the media bay are vst3 files. I can see no mention anywhere of vst3.5


How exactly are you entering the note expression data? If, for example, while recording with pitchbend, you don’t return the pitchbend wheel to center position, the pitchbend will be “carried over” to the next note (even with VST3.5)… because it will presume that you did so deliberately.
Unfortunately, unlike when editing “regular” CC or pitchbend data, where resetting the CC at the end of the desired note would reset it for all subsequent events, here, it will only reset for the selected note (that’s the whole idea of note expression! :smiley: )

OK, I’m obviously going about Note Expression in the wrong way.

I am not a keyboard player (bass player by profession) so this is all fairly new to me.

So, sequence of events:

I’ll add an Instrument track, selecting HSSE as the instrument.
I then open HSSE and select a synth sound, for example “All the lovers”.
I then record a simple synth part (no mod or pitch bends) on to the track.
All is ok so far.
I open the key editor and see the synth part. I can shorten and lengthen notes with no problem.
I would like to apply a pitch bend to the end of one or two notes.
I double click the note to be edited, select “Pitchbend” from parameters, then with the pencil draw a line, tailing off at the end. I play the note and it sounds as wanted…

except, all notes after the edited note are out of tune!


Of course, now I see that a handful of sounds have “Note Exp” attached, these i guess are vst3.5 files.
Having loaded a couple of the “Note Exp” sounds Note Expression behaves as expected :slight_smile:

OK, so now all I have to do is get a “Runtime Error” sorted.
Awaiting a reply from Steinberg support on that one :unamused:

Was this still using “PitchBend”, or the NoteExpression parameter, “Tuning”? (AFAIK; "Pitchbend will behave as you described previously, even for VST3.5 presets, whereas “Tuning” will indeed be note-specific).

Did you ever find a solution?

In the Key Editor, you have to add a controller lane. You cannot just click on Velocity and select Pitchbend from that menu.

You must create a second controller lane by left clicking in the empty space below “Velocity” and click on Pitchbend.

Now you can do you pitchbending damage at will. :slight_smile:


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