Strange Nuendo 5 finder drag and drop weirdness

Hey folks, here’s a weird one that is confirmed by another Nuendo 5 user. In the mac finder, any time I drag a file of ANY sort over top of any window related to Nuendo (even though Nuendo is in the background), it jumps Nuendo in front of the place I was dragging it usually causing me to lose the place I was planning to drop it. Anyone else notice this? Hardly a showstopper, but just something annoying that “pops” up all the time… I’m positive it wasn’t like this before Nu 5.

On a mac with Snow Leopard etc.

Same here

I was so stoked to try N 5.5 and see if it still does this on the main project window, and it doesn’t!! Then I tried dragging a file over the mixer… alas, it still pops up! Just in case I want to drag a file into the… mixer?? It would be nice to have this changed! Still going through the 5.5 update and it’s working pretty good over here.