Strange Occurence - Received Help and Now Fixed...

Hi All,

I’m having difficulty with a project I am working on.

A friend of mine recorded an mp3 version of a song he wanted me to play on. So, he sent the various wav files, which I proceeded to load into separate tracks in a new Cubase project. But, upon playback, the song is in a lower key than the original mp3 version. At least a full note or 2 lower. When I change the tempo, the playback speeds up or slows down the song, but it still plays in the lower key.

I know this is likely a dumb problem with a simple solution, but what might I do to remedy the situation?


My guess is that you may have two problems:

  1. You may have your project running at a different sample rate than the WAV files that your friend sent you (hence they are playing at a different pitch than what they are supposed to be).

  2. You might have ‘Musical Mode’ enabled, which is why the audio files are playing at a different speed when you adjust the tempo in Cubase. If you go in the Audio Pool and uncheck the blue cross in the Musical Mode tick box, hopefully this will fix the problem.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll ask him to check the sample rate on his end. I just tried toggling off the Musical Mode check boxes for each track in the pool and nothing changed.

Thanks again!

OK…that was it…I changed the sample rate from 44.1kHz to 48.00 kHz and it plays back fine.

Thanks again, J-S-Q!!