Strange Play Mode heading for Spitfire Audio plugins

In Play Mode when I want to choose an instrument from a different plugin and select Native Instruments it displays Kontakt immediately but when I select Spitfire Audio the first thing displayed is “SYNTH”. When I click on that I get the Spitfire Audio libraries that use their house player. Why does Dorico 4.3 display the word SYNTH first? Surely it should just display the SA libraries. There must be some kind of hierarchy involved that has inserted this heading. The problem doesn’t seem to arise with any other plugins.

Where does this appear? Is it in the pop-up window that displays the Spitfire plug-in UI, or in the menu from which you choose the plug-ins in Dorico’s Play mode UI, or somewhere else?

In the menu when you choose the plug-ins in Dorico’s Play Mode. It displays all the SA libraries normally once I click on the word Synth but I’m curious as to why it doesn’t display them as soon as I select Spitfire Audio from the drop down list of plug-ins. Is this hierarchy something Dorico creates automatically or am I forgetting a preference step?

The hierarchy is indeed created automatically by Dorico, based on what the plug-in tells Dorico about what kind of plug-in it is. Most third-party plug-ins don’t specify anything beyond their manufacturer name, but some plug-ins provide further categorisation – for example, all of Steinberg’s plug-ins specify a category. There are no options for this in Dorico: you get what you get.

OK Thanks Daniel. At least I know it’s not something I’ve specified incorrectly. Strange that in earlier versions of Dorico this never arose.

The hierarchical menu of plug-ins that includes submenus for each manufacturer was added in Dorico 4.3.

Ahh. OK No problem. Just one more click to select. I wonder if Spitfire Audio is aware of the need to provide this category information. Looks like Native Instruments and OT have dealt with it but not SA.

No, the opposite way, Spitfire provided that category information, but Native did not.

Understood. Then presumably the category information provided by SA must be incorrect unless they want all their orchestral libraries to appear under the heading “Synth” which seems rather an odd choice. When I select Native Instruments it immediately displays Kontakt.

It’s up to the plug-in manufacturers to decide for the categories. I have also the Epic Strings from Spitfire installed and they appear under the Sampler category.

That name makes more sense. Anyway thank you both for responding to my query. At least I know it’s not something I’ve set up incorrectly.