Strange playback duration with eighth note tempo indication

Is there a way to make the Noteperformer playback of the first flow in the attached Dorico file the same as the second? Currently, the duration of the notes is shorter (staccato-like). This is only a problem if the first tempo indication has an eighth note: as flow 4 shows, playback of the eighth note tempo indication is good when the first tempo indication has a quarter note.

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 12.25.22

Thanks again in advance.

note playback duration strange.dorico (392.8 KB)

What instrument (from what sound set) are you using to play this. IIRC some expression maps choose different samples based on the duration of the note., and some may base duration on note value rather than duration.

You might check the expression map to see what is happening with your notes.

Please read carefully, I describe above that the same note value (8th note) at the same tempo (116) is played differently in my 1st and 4th examples (and that it is played by NotePerformer). It’s with all instruments.

I guess this must be one of NotePerformer’s own interpretation rules, perhaps. Have you asked the team at Wallander Instruments about it?

Not yet, thanks for your reply; I created a slightly more minimal example and I’ll try to ask it here to Wallander:
@Wallander , what causes the different playback duration of each note with tempi ‘q=60’ vs. ‘e=120’? I’d expect them to have the same result and I think the ‘q=60’ example sounds much better. Is there a way to make ‘e=120’ sound like ‘q=60’?) Thank you very much in advance!!
Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 12.01.21
playback duration 2.dorico (389.4 KB)

@dspreadbury now I’m experimenting again, I noticed that DoricoBeep has the same behaviour, albeit more subtle, for the above musical fragment:

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 12.15.31

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 12.15.49

This will be the note shortening behaviour, I guess. The shortening is dependent on the length of the note, but capped at a maximum duration, so that the effect isn’t too extreme at low tempos.

Ok, thank you for your response. I don’t really get what this means, though: is it possible to let e.g. e=120 sound the same as q=60?
Currently, I ‘fixed’ it by having a hidden q=60 tempo marking at the start, and then e=120 a beat later and drag that second tempo marking to the left in engrave mode for every layout… Then the played back note length is still what you’d expect (and apparently what NotePerformer expects).

Only by disabling note shortening altogether, I think.

Ok, thanks! I’ll try that.