Strange Plug-ins appearing in list

I have several weird plug-ins showing up in my Plug-in list.

If my memory serves me, they appeared after i installed Justin Perkin’s preferences.
I have configured all as i wanted but these Plug-ins are always there.

I have disabled them in the list but when they were enabled none of them had any type of GUI.
With the few i have tested i could confirm they were doing something (ex. EatCpu that really overloads the CPU without any apparent reason).

I have removed them from the “plugin-registry.txt” in the Cache folder and they were gone only to show up again after a new Plug-ins rescan.

Does anyone know what these are for?
I guess they weren’t there in the beginning, right after installation.
Any effective way to remove them?

Forgot to mention that i’ve also added entries for these Plug-ins in the “Ignore” list.
I have added the following entries:

*Cpu Spike

Confirmed the entries in the “Plugins to Ignore.txt” inside the Preferences folder and all the entries are there.
Didn’t work, though.

@Deleted_User_0384f preferences contains a “secret” setting to reveal a few test plugins of no use for most users.

Quit WaveLab, then open the setting file startup.ini and remove the line:


And relaunch WaveLab



So there are secrets? Can we be sure our content don’t go to your servers? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: