Strange position of tempo

Hi, I have a problem with a tempo marking:

It is way to high. If I move it (using Alt + right) it jumps down, but I couldn’t find a reason why this happens. The pieces started as an Music XML-Import, but I reentered the tempo. Here’s the file for all the clever boys:
Tempo way above.dorico (937.7 KB)

Restarting Dorico didn’t change anything for me.

Not just boys @HeiPet.

It goes away if I remove the music from the first bar of the top instrument.

You have two staff-attached text items consisting only of a single space at the start of the first bar. Marquee select will grab them. Delete them and all will be well.


Thank you Daniel and Daniel,
I did a Marquee selection before, but for the whole bar and than the attachment lines did not appear. Only if I do a Marquee selection of the space between the music and the text, the dotted attachement line will appear. I would be nice, if Dorico would show this line also in the “big” Marquee selection.

Clicking somewhere in the bar, but not on notes or rests, will select the whole bar.

Showing signposts also makes text items that don’t contain any text (and are therefore indicated by signposts) easier to identify.

(If in doubt, show signposts)

In the instance of the file above, though, showing Signposts doesn’t show the empty text item. It seems to contain something other than a single space.

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I believe it is a non-breaking space U+00A0. Dorico refuses to display it as such in staff text, so it reads as a regular space to the Macintosh character palette, or when copying it and inspecting it elsewhere. But I can reproduce this invisible staff text that doesn’t show a signpost by typing a hard space.

Yes, Dorico will only show a signpost currently if the text item’s content satisfies some specific criteria, and there are certainly some Unicode characters that produce whitespace that we’re not checking for. I’ve made a note for us to try and beef this up in future.

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