Strange positioning of ending brackets

I’m having anomalous behavior of ending brackets. In some flows they are correctly placed; in others their vertical placement is either too high or too low; but when I correct the problem manually in one layout, then the brackets are in the wrong place in others. That is, if they are too high in one layout and I fix it, then they are too low in others.
I have exported the one flow in which this problem occurs; it can be seen in the various layouts.
CervettoOpIIa - III (3).dorico (799.0 KB)


You’ve added manual offsets to them at some point:

Unticking the offsets substantially helps. In this case, the tempo marking is messing things up a bit, but you could nudge the other two up to match.

In fact, the 1 & 3 endings have a manual offset as well, otherwise they would match.

Actually, the solution was to set local properties locally. This should have been obvious to me. I had some of them set globally for this adjustment, so of course adjusting them in one flow messed up other flows.

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