Strange problem burning a particular CD

I get done with a montage. I bring up CD on the “tools” menu and put in all the track markers using “Q” and “S” and put in the start and ending markers. So far no problems. This is the same thing I have done for the last 30 CDs I burned. So I push the check button and WL says the CD is ready to burn. I burn the CD and try playing it and it works fine. I go to my duplicator (which I have used for the last 30 CDs) and it refuses to duplicate it. I try the same file with two different burners and get the same results. Not possible to duplicate. So my question is ANY IDEAS? All the other CDs burned without problems. I am stumped… Thanks in advance for any and all comments or suggestions.


Do you have any info why it refuses to duplicate it?
Why do you use CDs and not DDP?

And your ‘duplicator’ supposedly is a hardware device of some sort?

Do you have Plextools Professional or an Eclipse machine to error check the CD that you burned? This should produce the answer in terms of whether the CD is in spec for duplication or not.

You could also try and import the CD back in to WL or (if you are on a PC) Exact Audio Copy. That can also be revealing.

Short run duplication machines … as opposed to replication … can typically require a physical CD to duplicate.

The duplicator just sits there and does nothing after the normal checks. Normally after the checks it will start the duplication process and give me a listing of the tracks and the time to do the duplication. In this case it never starts.

We do a lot of restoration work and most times the client wants the results on a physical CD. In this case the client wanted two CD of each restoration.

Not everyone wants or uses DDPs. FWIW

Yes it is a Microboards one to one duplicator.

I have Plextools and will check it with that. Thanks for the suggestion. Really weird, out of 30 CDs only one does not want to duplicate.

Could it be related to CD-Text used with a certain character not being accepted or field lenght out of spec - if you use CD-Text?

No CD text but I will check to see if somehow I put some letter or character in a field I should not have. Thanks for the heads up. You always give great advice…thanks!


Had this happen to me once. The CD length was something like 79’ 58". Played on my normal CD player, but the duplicator refused to copy it. As it was an audio magazine I could tweak it here and there to get the length down to 79’ 45" or thereabouts and it could then be duplicated on the copier.

From then on I always made sure the length was not over 79’ 30" to be on the safe side.


Yes I have had that happen as well. In this case CD is about 45 minutes long. I am going to check it out now. Thanks to one and all for the GREAT advice,

Arjan P,

You were correct. The last Post Gap on the montage of the problematic disc was “+?” when it should have been a number. When I corrected the number it burned perfectly and duplicated the same as all the other disks. Thanks, I learned something today.

Wow, interesting - and I learned something today too. Glad it’s sorted.

I thought those question marks were caught by the montage CD conformity check, but maybe not(?). I still don’t know what the question mark means, or how I’ve generated a cd marker that does that, but I have noticed it a few times in the past.

If you have kept a copy of the guilty montage, please send it to me (without audio files).