Strange problem Cubase 6, Help !

Hey guys, Just upgrade my monitors and my sound card to high-end equipment.

Lately, I noticed that something is wrong with my stereo in cubase 6.
I give you an example: When i play some BaseDrum in mono it sound in the DAW like it comes from both sides but not from the middle. when i play the same BD in media player or other audio software the same BD sound great from the middle like it should be !

Another one, i heard some known Mix that i like in youtube, and it sounds great. ! BD and Lead vocals comes from Center as it should be . I downloaded this track from youtube just to check if it sounds the same- But it doesn’t like nothing in the Center. But it the same song !! WHy is that ?!

In my mixes i found that all the instruments that should be in the center having like a spread in stereo Pan. like BD, Snares/Claps, Lead Vox.
And other instruments…

Now, in addition , When i do REAL TIME EXPORT(For the same Sample Rate) And play it in media player or any other pleayer. in sounds different ! more Basses ! and awkward. full with bass. So i tries to import this mixdown to my project again and Turn phase ! So i won’t hear anything. There abolition of almost all frequency bands. My no for the low-end. and a few high-mid Which is pretty logical cause the DAW doen’t work perfectly for each play . But in Low-End it sounds NOT right !!

Please Help Me ! Don’t know what to do … :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I update my version to 6.0.7.
I did uninstall and install it again.

Using i5 , 16GB Ram, Windown 7 64Bit And CUBASE 6 64BIT !

I would need a bit more information to help with the issue.

  1. What is your audio interface?
  2. In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO driver set to?
  3. In Project, Project Setup, what sample rate are you at?
  4. What is your Stereo Pan Law set to there?
  5. In Devices, VST Connections, Studio, is Control Room on or off?
  6. If on, what device ports do you have Monitor 1 set to? If off, what device ports do you have your Stereo Out set to on the Outputs tab?
  7. If you start a new empty project and import a commercially recorded audio file, do you have the same issue with the stereo image?
  8. If the commercial file sounds incorrect, please export that file from Cubase as “Steinberg Test” and then play it in iTunes. Does it sound the same way it sounded in Cubase, or does it sound like the original file?

OK so i figure it out !
i worked with the Control room - inside there is some arrow for Mix Convert - over their i saw that the input right side phase is pressed so bassicly i had right side in phase reverse. which canceled some frequencies ! and i thinks sounds horrible! i think it’s all good now !

Thanks alot for your help !! really appreciate it !


Glad to hear you’re up and running and thanks for sharing the cause of your issue. Happy Recording!