Strange problem:Key pressed but tranposed. Bug?

key pressed on the keyboard sounds like it should (if you load a VSTi) but it is transposed -one octave and this is reflected in VST expresion map when load old Expression maps created in C5.
There is no traspose opcion changed in project. Cubase 6 is installed “clean”, no C5 in the same system.

-Create Empty Project
-Add Empty Midi Track.
-Insert MIDI monitor in this Midi track
-Play notes in Keyboard.

C4 is shown in the midi monitor as C3, A0 is A-1, C6 is C5, C8 is C7, etc…

Load a VST expression Map created in C5.5 to this instruments. Notes are displayed “transposed” on the tab “remote”. Is imposible to play the instrument with KS.

Tested in 2 system with 2 differents Keyboards.

anyone can confirm this problem or point me to the right direction if it’s a new C6 configuration i have not set?.

Cubase 6 64Bit - Windows 7 PRO 64 Bits - RME HDSP 9632 - Asus M4N78PRO - AMD PhenomII X4 960BE - 16GB Ram - VEP.

Are you %100 certain that the transposition isn’t occurring from your external MIDI keyboard? (in Cubase’s Preferences, set Event Display>MIDI>Note Name Style to “MIDI and Value”, then verify, with the MIDI Monitor, that when you play middle C it shows as “C3/60”… don’t forget that, in Cubase, middle C is referred to as “C3” not “C4”)

Sorry, I mixed a problem with something normal in Cubase. To avoid misunderstandings I will open another thread with the problem only.