Strange problem on cubase 8.5, HELP!!

Good Morning!!

I used Cubase 8.5 for weeks on my PC without major problems, but this week it started to present a strange problem. When I am recording or mixing a project, the screen simply “freezes” and I can not do anything else, no command works and the strangest thing is that the program continues to emit the sound of the tracks and does not warn me of any crashes.

Sorry for my bad English

Help me, please!!

Hi, it would be helpful for you to tell us your system specifications, the size of your project, how many VST you might have been using at the time, your audio interface details, and so on… :smiley:

Hello !!

My System specifications is

Intel Core i7 2.80 ghz
Windows 7 - 64bits

My audio interface
M-audio Profire 2626

The VST actually does not matter whether I’m using it or not, when it stopped the first time I was just recording a 13 channel battery and suddenly the screen froze but continued to emit the sound.

Sorry for my bad english :frowning: