Strange problem with tuplets

Hello I’m having a strange problem with tuplets.

Been working just fine in normal sense i.e. select a note then ‘;’ then fill in the ratio equation but now it’s giving me some very strange results - any ideas? There’s no nesting etc.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 07.39.35

The two uploaded images will illustrate the issue - was wanting to turn a group of semi-quavers into a sextuplet and the other image illustrates what I’ve got as a result.



it’s ok I solved it - I have to be in note entry for it to work properly?!

Hi Steve.
For the sake of new users reading this thread and looking for answers, what you have in your first picture is a triplet (3:2) with the wrong rhythmic unit (half note, 7 or h). That is because, when you invoked the popover (and no, it does not have to be in Note Entry to work), you somehow had the half note selected as your entry note. What you can do (in Note Entry mode or not) is specify in your tuplet popover the unit: had you entered 3:2e (three 8ths in the time of two) or better, 6:4x (six 16ths in the time of four), the result would probably have been better.
The reason you see two tuplets in the first picture is because it crosses the barline. There’s a propery to make tuplets span barlines, but I suppose it’s not what you were after :wink: