Strange problem with VSTi's occasionally going out of time.


i have a very strange problem with C8, every so often a few of my VSTi’s (namely Kontakt and VLINN will go completely out of time with the rest of the project, after about 5mins or so the timing comes back, i don’t do anything in particular to make it come back, it just seems to do it by itself!

I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari days and have never experienced this problem before, it doesn’t happen in C6 or C7, just C8.

I ‘think’ it has something to do with ASIOguard, i use it on the High setting most of the time, could this be the problem?.. Anyone else ever had this issue?

If it’s on High i’m sure that means it will be putting large latencies/buffer settings to tracks un armed.

Then this happens…

it’s a link I’ve just discovered/read from another thread here. I’m about to upgrade myself and trying to collect as much knowledge as possible. Please keep us posted on what you discover.

Thanks for the link, interesting but nothing to do my problem, i think this might be a problem with ASIO-GUARD and possibly my sound-card (Metric Halo 2882). Still investigating but if this is a problem between MH and Cubase i don’t think it’ll be fixed and i’ll have go back do to v6 :frowning:

The reason it might be asio guard is because it will set higher buffer times for unarmed track which in reference to that link will increase jitter offset in you sound card.

I did some testing with 5 v 8 and with 5 my midi on a loop through it’s always equal distance behind, except first note. With 8 some notes are on time with others off time. Quite like unintentional swing.