Strange problem within a specific project

Hi all,

I have a project with an hour of music running in it. However whenever I play back, there is a specific point in the project where audio output totally stops working (master stereo out show no signal even though everything else seems responding). When I try to mix it all down into a stereo mix, I get audio until that point, and then blank. I was able to use batch mode to mix down specific channels but not the master. After audio out is off, I can only get it working by closing and reopening the project. But then again the problem remains and I am a bit at loss. I didn’t experience this issue in any other project and there are no vst instruments loaded within that project, only some effects/eqs etc. Is there anything that I could try to locate the root of the problem, and maybe fix it… ?

I face this issue in both Windows and Mac OS X 32-bit versions of Cubase 6.

thank you.

Is this one, continuous audio file?

You say specific files would export with batch export but did you try all of them in case there’s a dodgy audio file

You could also try renaming your vstplugins folder or resetting your mixer & try running it with no effects…just don’t save over your original project that way!