I am currently using CuBase 9 with a Mackie Onyx Blackbird. I also have a powerful PC.

Basically I will record a whole song and everything is works ad sounds fine but if I return to project say a week later suddenly there is latency on the guitar tracks that i want to re-record. Its almost like the project gets corrupted to some degree just from being idle for at small period.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


How big is the latency? Did you Add some plug-it’s to the project/track since recording?

Check if you inserted some plugins on the guitar tracks or even on the master bus (or any bus you’re sending your guitars to). Some Steinberg plugins like the multiband compressor and such have a LIVE mode that you need to use, otherwise it adds considerable latency. If you have one of these plugins on the master bus then your entire track will suffer the processing latency of the plugin.


Hey guys thanks for the responses.

Yes you nailed it. I had a Multi Band Compressor that i put on after recording. When i went back to re-record the part I still had that on. I had no idea about the Live mode.