strange problems with elicenser

I wonder if anyone can throw any light on these problems I am having with the elicenser process when starting Cubase 6.5

When I try to run Cubase 6.5, there is the error message about ‘failing to connect to synopse.exe’ a DCOM error.

I downloaded the latest elicenser software, and after installation, Cubase started ok.

After closing down Cubase, then the same problem reoccured. I can only cure the error message by reinstalling the elicenser software.

This is ok for a short term fix, at least I can compose music, but long term this fix won’t do obviously?

The other symptom I am having (using Win 7 64-bit) is that my USB dongle fires up ok in Devices when I start windows, but occasionally I see a ‘installing USB device failure’ message, as if the dongle has lost it’s connection and cannot be reconnected. When I investigate devices, the dongle has been stopped by windows in device status with the message 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43).

So two different problems? Or related?

Any help appreciated.

I have tried the DCOM connection reconnection routine and changing the system preferences in the DCOM area, but that doesn’t stop this all happening.


Is this dongle inserted in a USB-3 slot by any chance? Try putting it in a real USB-2 slot - without a hub, to make sure.


It is in a USB 2 slot direct into the PC, no hub.


ok - for what it’s worth, a solution, and some comments.

It was the dongle, quite old (about 6 years), Steinberg support got back to me in about 3 days, which felt like a long wait without the use of Cubase, but once the connection was established, things started to roll.

I was advised to replace the dongle, and found that the Steinberg online price including postage was about £28, while a local supplied (listed in Steinberg website) was £14 plus postage, about £18 all in and delivered the next day by courier.

Getting the licences transferred was a nightmare, loads of ‘connection to server failed’ errors, but eventually got it done by plugging all my dongles, including the new one, into a different computer altogether, downloading the elicencer software to the new computer, then physically transferring the licenses one by one, which succeeded on this computer. No idea why not on my actual music computer?

Anyway, I put all my licences from 2 dongles into 1 dongle, and bob’s your uncle, Cubase now working fine.

So it was a ‘dongle problem’ all along.

In case others might be interested in how I arrived at this solution, and the trials encountered along the way.