Strange project file names

I have been workiing with a project for a while, lets call it project.cpr. Today it couldn’t find the file. so I went looking.

In the project folder are several cpr files the last one being :

“Project-01 (from my-computer - 5).cpr”

Could someone please tell me what is going on ?

This is getting worse, my project file now DISAPPEARS every time I exit Cubase, the latest file is now a .bak file, which may, or may not, have all my edits in.

I’m also battling drop outs, mega CPU usage, random display position jumps, lost EQ settings etc, etc, etc.

This is now a complete joke, I can’t work like this.

I want my money back, someone from Steinberg please contact me.

Sorry, in my anger I forgot the technical details.

7.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.8.3

I’m sorry, but we (the user community) can’t give your money back. You should contact Steinberg, instead.