Strange results with explode function

I get strange results when using the explode function with chords and voices.

Here is an example :

You are complicating the process by using multiple voices; the computer is confused.
Sure, ideally in this case the computer would ignore the separate voices, and perhaps this will be possible down the road.
(After all, the Development Team is pretty amazing.)

Dorico does collapse down the items into a single nominal voice before it “explodes” them, which is often helpful (after all, there’s no guarantee that the notes on each destination staff will end up in the same voice in which they started, or indeed that each of the notes in the destination would even have come from the same voice as each other in the source), but it does mean that it can’t handle this so well. You might consider copying and pasting the down-stem voice into the staff below, then using Explode from there, which will handle the chordal material correctly and leave you to copy and paste the up-stem voice separately to provide the melody.

Will there be any update in how Dorico handles dynamics when using Explode, in the coming update?
This was discussed in another thread but not commented by Daniel or any other Dorico staff.

When exploding music with dynamics into a couple of players, including the one that contains the music, the latter will get an extra set of dynamics. (since Explode doesn’t start off with a cut command, it pastes another set of dynamics over the already existing ones…)

The upper pic shows before Explode and the lower one after.

Off-topic: Mats, how do you get images to display inline? I can’t seem to manage that. Thanks.

Off-topic: Mats, how do you get images to display inline? I can’t seem to manage that. Thanks.

Heheh, I’ve just learned it myself…

Add the Pic as usual, preview the post and click the image, copy the URL and paste it in the img-tag.

Some issues concerning explode where dynamics are involved are improved in the new update, but not this case, which isn’t specific to explode but is rather more generally how copy and paste works. At the moment, items in the destination passage with no duration, like dynamics, are not overwritten by the paste. We think there are arguments to be made for both approaches, i.e. to retain them and to overwrite them, so we are considering exactly what to do about this.

additionally make sure your picture or screenshot is only up to 700 pixels wide before uploading it

Oki, looking forward to see what you’ll come up with. But it would be really nice if it’ll be possible to include dynamics in the the Explode operation, without having to go back and delete duplicates. :ugeek: :smiley:

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this, Mats?

I believe Explode works on any material on the clipboard, which means you can use ctrl+x to cut the music before invoking Explode, rather than Copy. If I’m not missing anything, I think this should give you what you want.

andgie, here is a new pic of what happens when exploding with dynamics included.

I know I can use Cut instead of Copy, but then I also needs to click the bar again since the selection disappears with Cut

When doing it this way: Copy [ctrl-c]-> extend the selection [shift-arrow] -> Explode [alt-cmd-v] (my shortcut…) I don’t need to use the mouse at all, which speeds up the process.

Ideally I’d like Explode to handle these dynamics so that you can add everything you want and then explode it without having duplicates. I know Explode is sort of a Copy/paste-function, but I’m absolute certain that the team will come up with a brilliant solution for this.

Thanks for the explanation, I see your point now.

Thanks for your answer.
As arranger and in my workflow, it’s a common situation to have to explose a mix of voices and chords espacially when I arrange from piano parts.

Daniel’s solution is good workaround, but is very time-consuming. I think we need a better management of explode fonction in Dorico. Is there plans to improve that in next release ?

Just see the same example in Sibelius :
explose sib1.JPG
explose sib 2.JPG
explose sib 2.JPG