Strange rhythm bug

I suddenly encountered a strange bug today. I use NotePerformer and it’s now playing even eight notes as dotted. This applies to new notes that I write, previously written notes it’s playing correctly. I installed the latest update in hopes of it fixing the issue, but it didn’t. What to do?

Reset your playback template and/or attach your project for us to check out if it doesn’t work.


I tried resetting the Playback Template, but it didn’t work. The project file is attached.
The problem is in bar 140.

su 16. huhtik. 2023 klo 12.27 DanielMuzMurray via Steinberg Forums ( kirjoitti:

Jousikvartetto, I osa, op - Full score - 03 Molto allegro.xml (2.88 MB)

Jaani, you seem to have attached a MusicXML file exported from your project rather than the project itself. No playback information travels with a MusicXML file, so it’s not possible for us to hear the same results that you’re getting with your actual project. Would you be comfortable uploading the actual Dorico project rather than a MusicXML file?

Ah, I see! Here’s the project!
So, the problem is in Flow 3 in bar 140, first violin, when I tried to write eight notes.

su 16. huhtik. 2023 klo 17.21 Daniel at Steinberg via Steinberg Forums ( kirjoitti:

2023-04-16 13-23-30_Jousikvartetto, I osa, op.dorico (2.5 MB)

I downloaded your Dorico project and opened it.
Flow 3 contains notes up to bar 136, then there are two empty bars (137 and 138), then a final barline.
So, there is no bar 140 in flow 3.

When I started entering eighth notes for a few extra bars, yes, I noticed that they play back as if they are dotted or maybe swung.

As an experiment, I tried entering eighth notes without any articulations at various points. For example, I went back to bar 90 and replaced the notes in the cello and viola parts with random eighth notes and then used “R” to repeat that for many bars. The eighth notes I had entered played back “straight” for a while, but at bar 107 they suddenly started playing back with a swing feel. Even when I added staccato markings, the swing feel on the eighth notes still started at bar 107.

When I turned off Hide Signposts, the following appeared:

Deleting the purple signpost fixed the problem.

Oh, sorry, my mistake, I meant bar 110! Can you do something about that?

ma 17. huhtik. 2023 klo 1.25 Steven Jones via Steinberg Forums ( kirjoitti:

Deleting the “Medium swing 8ths” signpost at bar 107 fixes the problem for all following bars.

Totally OT. A great piece of work - well done.

But, from a player’s perspective, please consider notating like this:

Rather than writing out every semiquaver. Your players will be less likely to make mistakes, and you will save a few trees.

Except that there should be two staccato dots on each quaver/8th in the Viola, because each is the abbreviation of two semiquavers/16ths.

Agreed - but to my mind that is a minor indiscretion.

How do I delete the swing 8ths signpost? Apparently, I’ve accidentally enabled it.

Thanks for the notation tip, that’s a good idea!

ti 18. huhtik. 2023 klo 2.16 Janus via Steinberg Forums <> kirjoitti:

Can you click it and press Delete?

Yes. That’s how I did it.

Oh yes, I had hidden signposts on, now found them and it did the trick! Thank you!

ti 18. huhtik. 2023 klo 11.37 Steven Jones via Steinberg Forums <> kirjoitti: