Strange routing problem with group track, mute and solo doesn't work properly


when I click on solo or mute for a track or a group, all the tracks of the “chain” doesn’t follow.
for example here’s the routing for Tom drums :
Tom high, Tom Med, Tom low → G-Toms (group track) → G-drum
→ s-drum (stem) → main out

When I solo G-drum, the Tom bass and G-Toms doesn’t turn to solo

I even tried to route the Toms directly do G-drums, when I solo G-drums, the Tom bass doesn’t solo…

I’ve checked several time the routing. I have no clue what’s happening. I suppose I have this problem since 13.0.40

My system :
windows 10 pro 22H2, build 19045.4529, 32 Go Ram
nvidia card 4070 gigabyte (does it really matter?)
cubase 13.0.41



Could you please attach a screenshot of the MixConsole window with the Routing tab open, so we can see the routing?

Could you please Solo only one track and mark, which one has been Soloed?

Here’s the screen when I solo “Tom Bas”

When I solo “G-Toms” :

when I solo “G-batterie” :

The other weird thing is, earlier, when I tried the first capture, before I’ve hidden some tracks to give more clarity,
soloing the “tom bas”, the G-batterie didn’t appear solo on the main windows, but did on the mix console :

You have two Group Tracks named “G-batterie”. How do you know which one you routed your tracks to?
It’s better to keep channel names unique.

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Damn, I haven’t noticed that.
Thank you!