Strange Routing Problem

Here’s a weird one! Cubase 13 Pro.
I’ve just noticed that one - only one - of several Halion Sonic tracks in a piece I’m working on isn’t reaching the Stereo Out, even though, just like all the other VST tracks, it’s output is shown selected going to Stereo Out in Inspector.
The track’s audio is successfully sending to a reverb insert; in fact, that’s all I can hear of the track now - hearing what’s coming out of the other side of the reverb; significantly, it works fine whether sending pre- or post-fader.
Basically, this channel is set up identically to another one and the audio is getting out of the track; but it isn’t getting through to the Stereo Out.
I’m guessing it must be something fairly obvious and basic - but even though I’ve been working with Cubase for a little while now, I can’t fathom it out. I’ve probably been stuck in the studio for too long in one session today and need to get out to clear my head!
Any thoughts would be very gratefully received. Thank you.


Could you try to change the output (or set out to Not Connected) and then back the Stereo Out?

Thanks, Martin. A good thought, but I did try that. I set it to “no bus” and then back to “Stereo Out” in Inspector. I also got out of the work and closed Cubase and then went back in - just in case that helped; but no.

I’ve created a new track using the same Halion voice and copied the MIDI data across. That seems to have achieved the desired result. I just must have had, or developed, a rouge track.
The two tracks - the original one and the new one I’ve just created - are now absolutely identical with exactly the same settings; one works, the other doesn’t.
As I say, it’s a weird one. A rare Cubase glitch.

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